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clever_bonce's Journal

Everything is critical!
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Essay reading group! Fun fun fun!
Are you the kind of person who gets excited by the broadsheets? Loves Newsnight Review? Is always accused of being political? Loves picking apart an argument? Appreciates criticality? Is constantly sending articles to people?

This community is a reading group for nonfiction essays and articles. Anyone can submit a published essay that inspired, interested, confused or enraged them, and the community will read, gloss, and critique it. The aim is to produce discussion and analysis of the news, views, politics and opinions in contemporary writing in English today.

There is no set subject matter whatsoever!

This community is also about making available material that excited you that others may not have seen. You probably read publications and websites or follow specific writers that others haven't yet discovered - help us discover them!

-The last essay or article you read that really got you going. Hated it? Found it fascinating but couldn't agree with every line of reasoning? Loved it? Thought it was the most original view on a topic you've ever read? We want to read the writing that provides real, exciting, provocative insight and opinion.

- Topics can be cultural, political, social, religious, metaphysical, polemical, or pretty much anything. This community is for people who enjoy accessible esoterica as well as mainstream topics. Please assume a high level of general knowledge from the community, and the fact that they have google on their side and can ask the community about unfamiliar concepts.

- Articles and essays, not unstructured rants, typical blogs, or 'thoughts'. The form and structure of essays and articles are important here as they're a highly structured and unitary attempt to encapsulate a piece of argumentation.

-Please also submit essays that are not easily available to everyone. This gets extra cool points. We all want to discover new writers and quality esoterica is great. This may mean typing it up verbatim from a journal that you have bought.

- Anything too specialised with closed-off relevance. Please don't post essays like 'A Critique of Hegelian Humanism From a Deleuzian Perspective,' or 'Considerations of Recent Engineering Developments Within Cobalt Mining Machinery.' Submissions can come from a specialist bent, but must have some forseeable relevance to the general reader. Eg 'Labour Conditions Within Cobalt Mining' would probably be fine (erm...) - we're probably not cobalt miners, but we can all relate to labour.

- Your own work. This is also not a place to submit your university essay in the hope of getting feedback and help. In fact, it is basically not a writers' community. There are a billion LJ communities for this. If you want to submit your own work, we'll only look at it on the basis that you are an experienced writer with a genuine claim to an audience and access to peer review. This sounds snobby, but it's there to make sure the emphasis of the community stays on sharpening our critical faculties, and not those of the writer.

- This is not the place to take apart hilarious wingnuts and obvious loons but to contest or appreciate points of view that truly challenge our positions. The post MUST be of a high standard and by a professionalised writer.

- Bloggish rants and 'thoughts'. Though these can be brilliant, it'd be good to see things by people who have constructed, rather than rambled, an argument.

- US-centrism is a huge no-no. The USA is not the world. Please make no assumptions that the rest of the community knows your state abbreviation, or who a certain TV presenter is. While most of us know far more about your country than you do about ours, assumptiveness annoys the moderator.

- Please maintain acceptable standards of English grammar and spelling unless dyslexia prevents you.

- Intense, tireless, geeky arguments great. Personal attacks and flaming bad.

- Swearing (but not at members) is just fine. It adds to the value of your point 99% of the fucking time.

- We want to be inclusive, and cleverness doesn't uniquely mean you can weave Foucauldian thesis into your commentary on cobalt mining labour conditions. So don't hold back with the theory, but not for the purposes of wank - you should explain it a little for people like the moderator. Those who don't have tons of theory up their sleeves but who have a cogent viewpoint are encouraged to participate.